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Would it be a good idea to call the EMT? and the Police? and the Community? Something today in my mind changed, whether it was the weather of my mood, or the understandings I've come to, people matter. SE Portland, 82nd ave, McDonald's parking lot, 430pm.
A chronically In-toxic homeless man, was visited by two new faces, two people genuinely concerned for this man, and another "by-stander". We informed the authorities of this odd occurrence and awaited response. I returned to the community bike shop just round the block, to finish my bike transaction after speaking with the bike shop owner who insisted this individual was a criminal. Jim went so far to say that he did this on purpose for attention, and went on to say he we a menace to society, scum. Now, even if this guy is "scum" what things in this world are there to help these ill people? I Promptly returned to the scene, cautiously concerned I approached the Police and questioned them the story and relationship they have with the Mister. To my surprise they knew him, not only that but had spoken with his family, aware of his condition, that he was choosing to live this way. This guy has two sons and an intriguingly ordinary. I further questioned and found out about Detox facilities, missions aiming to rehabilitate, and restore this mans motors functions...but what follows? Public awareness is so "everyday" that this community is largely, misunderstood, ignored, or discarded (left unloved). What do we say as a society to these ills created by habitual nature, why are there helpless people? Of course they grew up somewhere somehow sometime, and these things contributed to his situation. so this guy doesn't want help from people, he resorts to alcoholism why? It is a sad thing in this world, that there is no place for these people, and many see it as an outta-sight outta-mind kinda thing. People must help themselves...right?

Aug 31, 2011 By samson.jones