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Joshua Hatch 2016 All-Star Blog, Opportunity pt.2 Achievement has always been my number one motto. Although I have achieved many of my desires, I didn't get there solely on my own determination but with the help of the people that said I could not achieve. There was an instance in my life where I was told that I wouldn't make it past the first year of college. Instead of dwelling on that negative statement or thought I translated it to myself as being motivation to do exactly what they said I couldn't, not just for myself but for the person that ever doubted me.

Just to go back a little bit, I was also told when entering my first foster home that I would never see my mother again. Hearing something like that about someone I loved so much began to often times haunt me throughout my days. Of course I never truly believed that but what It did for me instead was make those weekly visits even more important, more special, and more loved.

The point I want to actually make by telling you these things is that in all reality you are ultimately in control of your feelings, actions, and life. If you desire to obtain something then nothing should be able to stand in your way. A brick wall is just a brick wall correct? It can be torn down and used to build a road. It's all about perspective and I take pride in my choices and I take command over my own life. Sincerely, Joshua Hatch AKA Cool Kid

Jul 8, 2016 By Joshua Hatch