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Hello everyone! I want to start my blogging journey by talking about opportunities. Throughout my entire college career, searching for the right kind of opportunity to get a solid foot into the real world was difficult from the beginning. I knew in my head that getting an internship was the best way to receive hands on experience and to gain skills that I would use beyond college. It took me about two years along with too many applications until I fell upon FosterClub. I had no idea that when my advisor sent me the link to the 2016 FosterClub All-Star application, that it would change my life. I first came to know the FosterClub organization through my Washington State University advisor. She has supported me from the beginning and knew how important an internship was to me and my future. It wasn't until March of this year that she sent me the link to the application mentioning that they had extended the deadline. I took a look at the application and something sort of clicked. After leaving the foster care system, I never wanted to look back but at that moment I realized that I could really do some good through this organization. I also knew it was going to push me to my limits but the fact that I could potentially be helping youth who are going through things that I already had outweighed my fear. I filled out the application and was called back to set up a phone interview. I would be lying if I said I had not teared up after they called me to tell me I had been chosen to be a 2016 FosterClub All-Star. I'm currently living on the coast of Oregon in a house with 11 other amazing All-Stars and couldn't imagine it any other way. I'm excited to be here but I'm especially excited to teach and learn from all the youth that cross my path this summer! Sincerely, Misty Skelton
Jun 24, 2016 By mskelton