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WOW, OKIL was a huge success. This conference was held at USAO about 20 miles from OK city! what a beautiful 3 hr drive i had with lacey, she is great peeps! we listen to kenny chesney to mariah carey to jaime foxx. We arrived in Chickasha, and it was time to be a role model for the youth. The OKIL conference, which was our second conference yet another exciting fun experience. To start off the conference and get the kids excited, OKIL provided a THINKSMART game show. This entertainment brought the mind out of the young youth attending and competing against each other. Questions from drug and alcohol to where was the 2008 NCAA national title game played at? Video questions with many various topics, which lights and music in the background, made it an awesome kick-off and a game like environment. After general session, youth were then given the opportunity to attend workshops.

So it was a fun kick off to an exciting day! Chris and I then present U-NYTD: what u need to know, a NYTD powerpoint and sample surveys, we got back great responses and it was an exciting brief workshop. (its going to be turned into a workshop) yah buddy! During our social time after workshops and NYTD, i had my crew ready to play ball! my team killed we went 2-0 and beat out the wannabe ballers by at least 5 points. Man playing a full regulation size college basketball court was a little rough, but hte third game, we ran out of gas, had numerous opportunites to win but cam up short losing 15-13, great game though! didnt dunk! lol Day 2 was exciting also, you can view the excitement on the events blogs. But our drive back to tulsa was fast. Epriso can drive rather quickly lol. we got home and enjoyed the weekend.


Jul 30, 2009 By darylecbear