New York State and City

Hey guys since i havent gave you a shout out yet i want to shout out to all my brothers and sister in the foster care system. I am doing this internship for you, not me. this is my passion is to help every foster youth in some way like just give them some encouargement or some advise. So just think to yourselves today if you havent been involved in the foster care system where would you be? that is definally a question to ask you. As a personal note. i am very proud of myself and how i became myself today and it was due to the fact i am a foster youth. i took like some of my old foster parent values and made them to my own. So i can litterally say every foster home i been in i took something way from them of their values and how they deal with you can say i am well rounded. i definally use them on a daily bacis because it is just natural for me. so i encourage you to find those values within your foster home or residental facitity and put it into your own practice. because you will see down the road that you will use them