New Year and a New Challenge!

New Year and a New Challenge Campaign. This is a campaign that I have started. I want everyone that reads this to challenge themselves, their family, and their friends to welcome the New Year with a Challenge that will better the lives of foster youth in your community. I am challenging myself to raise the money to purchase or to get donated 300 birthday gifts by May 17, 2011. This will be my 22nd birthday and I would love to spend it giving a birthday gift to every foster youth in Midland and Isabella Counties in Michigan.

This will be a lot of hard work but I know that I will be able to achieve this. When I start to get frustrated and discouraged I will start to think of the satisfaction I will feel when I accomplish this and the joy that will be in the faces of those kids. I have had 21 birthdays full of gifts and joy as far as I remember. I have a hard time receiving gifts knowing that there is youth in my community that don’t receive birthday, Christmas, or any other gifts.

Being a kid is said to be the best time of your life. Every foster kid deserves a birthday gift and to have that one day that they feel loved and cared about from those people in their lives. Even if I have to pay for every one of the gifts myself I am determined that this year all 300 foster kids in those two counties will have a great birthday.

My plan is a follows:

1)Get 300, age appropriate, gifts.

2)Start to plan a big Birthday Party for each county.

3)Invite and ensure that every foster kid that wants to attend can.

4)Give every youth in attendance a birthday gift.

5)And Last, well the last part will be a secret until the time comes...

I hope that you all follow along with me on my journey these next 5 months. I know this will be the best birthday I have ever had! If any of you want to help or would like to tell me about what you or others are doing for the New Year and a New Challenge Campaign.

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