My First Post!!!!!

First Blog PostWriting a blog is not something I have much experience with but who says you cannot try!  

My name is Sabrina Petrie and I am 24 years old. I spent 5 years in New York state’s foster care system. I am currently majoring in History at the State University of New York at Potsdam and will be finished (hopefully) in December this year. My future plans is to obtain my MSW from the University at Albany (SUNY Albany). Or possibly considering doing a service year with the Episcopal Service Corps then off to graduate school. (The possibilities are endless!)     

I love to hike, read different genres of books (such as historical fiction, fiction, self-help, academic), and learning to knit. I sleep like a cat and watch Sailor Moon.  I can impersonate Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons pretty well. I listen to many different kinds of music. Eighties and Alternative Rock is my favorite. I cannot say I have a favorite period in History because they are all interesting to me. I am trying to discover who I am as a person and what I really want out of life. Obviously, the process is not easy and takes effort each day.    

My interests within the issues of foster care are Education, Health/ Well- being, Homeless/Runaway, LGBTQ, and Mentoring/Support. I feel Foster Youth are the ones who can make the difference in the system because they know first hand of what it is like. I am very fortunate to be able to participate in the All-Star Internship here at FosterClub. I wanted to be able to advocate more for foster youth and did not have the resources back home to do so. This internship so far has been challenging and pushed me to be more open to people like me. I am very grateful for this chance to learn and teach others around me about the foster care system. 

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