The Money, Cars, Clothes...I Just Wanna Be Successful

There is a workshop that FosterClub presents called "Foster to Famous". It's about the Hero's Journey, overcoming challenges and in the end giving back. There are seven steps to completing the hero's journey and I think I'm still in the Struggles step. Struggles are little bumps in the road that cause you to rethink your strategies in order to achieve your goals. One would think that I am already to the Success stage since I just graduated from the University of San Francisco and I'm on my way to Columbia University to earn my Masters in Social Work. And yes, I do feel like I have accomplished a lot, but I still want to do more. I want to travel the world and learn about other cultures and get a world perspective.

Some might say that I'm already on the last step Return and Give Back because I'm the 2009 California All-Star and I'm dedicating my summer to the youth of the system. But I feel personally that I won't have completed my hero's journey until I am a Social Worker, trying to make the system better for the youth and until I have foster youth in my own home. I want to constantly open my home to anyone who needs love and understanding. And since I have been where they will be, I think that will be the ultimate Return. :)