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Hello Everyone!

So I recently attended the Minnesota conference for just one day, but it was an amazing day! We started at 9am with registration and were anticipating 150 youth. We did not get that many but that just made the conference more personable and I was able to interact with more youth on a one-on-one basis, which I love.

I started by chasing people around assigning them colors for the Youth Speak portion and of course, Independence City (!) which is always a conference favorite. I was the Green Group and we kicked butt in getting in all our Rent and winning some cool prizes. My group also was very eloquent with their voices during the Youth Speak and brought up some great suggestions to the VIP Panel.

I also was fortunate to have great interactions during my Workshop, "Can You Relate?". This workshop talks about how to figure out the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to create healthy ones for yourself. YOU are the Captain of your Relation-Ship! :) I am truly inspired by all your stories and I hope that it was useful to you.

The evening ended with the drawing of some GREAT prizes! One girl in my Green Group won a brand-new laptop! I know that is very important for youth, especially when they are in college and can't afford one for themselves.

Overall, the whole day was awesome and I am always so excited to share my story, but more importantly, to hear the stories of the youth. Keep your heads up and I hope to hear from you soon! ([email protected])

Yours truly,
Kita :D


Oct 19, 2009 By kitarea