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Hello Everyone, So today is my first blog post for the internship.

Since our arrival here at FosterClub's headquarters, Amy and I have attended Portland Code School to give us a crash course on web technologies and helped brush up our skills. I personally liked the school, it gives you just enough of the world of web design and development to help you decide what your interest level is and where you want to go as a career.

During the 4 weeks for course, we learned GIT and Command Line. GIT is a VCS (Version Control System) that allows multiple colleges to collaborate on software, web design/development, and other various projects. With the VCS it keeps track of the development process from start to finish and it allows users to work on the same project and merges all changes and edits from everyone. I find this to a useful feature since someone doesn't have to sit and compare different files to create the final project.

Also, you can back track to previous working Commits (saves) if you find that files get corrupted if you want your project to go in a different direction. So besides doing code school Amy and I are working on overall making the FosterClub website better and bringing up to current standards. We mapped out the website to make sure that all links are up to date and the overall organization flows to allow great user experience. We are also working on content clean-up and fixing various issues.

I guess that sums it up for now.

Feb 11, 2015 By jdredman09