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I see many things as I look at the world today. The seasons seem to change slower for me this year. And yet I can say I am learning more than I have ever known about myself. The funny thing is that it was taught to me through life. I really cannot take any credit for it. My will power was shot, and I had to rely on other adults. People that have seen me at my worst but still love me. They speak to me and claim to have 'TMI' moments and I just chuckle to myself because everything about these people are beautiful and I cannot imagine them another way. Whether they know it or not they have completed something that is not humanly possible to do. God used these people to help me at my time of dire need. He saved my life. Each day I count as a step in the correct direction because I still have a path under my feet. I have no idea where life is going to take me next but I do know that I have faith in that He will be holding my hand to guide me. I'm living the dream because I have God and it is almost too good for this life...

Nov 13, 2008 By JJ