Life is All About the Choices and the Road You Go On

I think that if you want to succeed you need to make the correct choices in life. Because life is all about the choices you make on a daily basics because like for an example if you choose not to go to class you are ruining your life because in college you are on your own. You dont have parents and caseworkers and etc people in your life telling you want to do. So you have to step up and do it on your own. Personal story behind this: I learned everything on my own with some guidance along the way. I figured if i do everything on my own I cant blame anyone else that is with me in life because i make my own decisions. And if something happens I am at fault because I didn't put my 110 percent into it.

So i am making all the decisions and i always can correct it if i need to because it is also a learning process that we go through. If something didn't work correctly only you can fix it to make it better so I need to step up and do what I needed to do to fix the things in my life that need it My point: Is that you need to make the correct decision in your life because your the only person in your life that can change it. You might need help with making these change so i encourage you to get all the help and the different resources you can possibitly get because you have an advantage then regular kids because your state could help you with the different services and you dont have to pay for any of it. So challenge: Get help if you need it AMPLIFY YOUR VOICE in what you need so you can be successful. I wish you luck and if you need to ask questions i am here to answer them and help you to the best of my ability if i dont know the answer i will find out or see if you can talk to whoever in that department UR 2009 New York All-Star