A Journey Within Me

Someone once said that you never find yourself until you face the truth..Today makes it two weeks since I have been in Oregon however it feels so much longer and out of all of the many days of training....today was the hardest. It was the hardest because during my 1 on 1's with the upper level All-Stars that trained us this week I realized that in order for me to be and become the best person that I can be there are things that I need to deal with that I never really paid attention to.

Lately I have been guilty of letting situations that have occurred to get the best of me and have even let my guard down and acted on those emotions at times. We are all human and make mistakes but when you act on emotion it just confuses things even more. Well today I had to face the truth..and while the truth hurts its meant for us to grow and at 20 years old I realize that I still have much more growing to do. I have always focused on everything and everybody else around me but now its time to focus on myself.

Being in foster care for 18 years has taught me to be resilient however I'm learning that every battle is not meant to be fought and some things you have to accept and let go. After all what is meant to be will be. For the longest I have kept a wall up but it's time for that wall to come down. This internship this summer is not only going to be about conferences but the journey to a better me. Quote of the week: "Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward."

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