I need some advice!!!

Hey World,

I currently have a problem with one of my younger siblings. He is 18 and we arent getting along so well. He blames me and the rest of the family for problems that he has created for himself. He tries to use my blessings against me by throwing them in my face... I want to get along with him and I love him dearly but I cannot get through to him that there are just certain aspects of life we cannot change and if it is anyone's fault it is our bio parents' for the way they treated us when we were younger.

We currently took a break from communicating with one another because some of the things he says are pretty emotionally hurtful and do not sit well with me. I want to talk to him because he is my brother, but each time we start talking he lies to me and hurts me.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice, or if anyone else has had to deal with this sort of situation with their siblings... I would be happy to hear about the way it did, or did not work out or things that worked successfully or failed.

Thanks FC fam!

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