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Where do I even start?

Well It sure sounds crazy but I am now back in Michigan. I am not in Seaside anymore. Last week was very emotional, But by having my new All Star family by my side, I know that I can do this.

I was constantly saddened when I kept thinking about how I have a new FosterClub Family, how I felt that it was being 'ripped away' just as I felt that I just got a family.

As we all may know, Family is really important to me. After my fellow All Star family explained to me, it's only the start of a great future. I believe this is true. I know that we may have to be that 'little bird' and push ourselves away from the nest, and that time is now.

Lupe was right, on the plain I kept thinking of all the fun times that I had. So thank goodness I had a book to write in. I kept thinking of all the fun times that I had in Seaside. I am pretty sure that the guy next to me thought I was weird. Because one minute I was laughing at myself and then the next moment I was balling my eyes out.

But hey I did warn him, I am normally not emotional on a flight. lol

Well after I got home I am in the middle of transitioning from All Star Toby, to now FosterClub All Star College Toby. It's a tough time but I can do it.

This internship is year round so I look forward to the future events to come, But I do feel sad that I am not near my All Stars, or that they are not a room distance away. It's a weird feeling going from hearing all the All Stars in the house that we lived in, to being alone. But hey, thank goodness for technology these days, I don't know what I would do without texting, or my phone, or even the internet.

Well Other than that I have been really scatter brained lately. I am doing pretty well! I am off to go to bed, It's been a long day.

"It's not where you've been, it's where your going"


Question of the day?

Lately I have had a cold, I think the climate change has done a damper on my sinuses. What are some home treatments that you would do when your nose tends to run and your throat is a bit scratchy?

Well I love drinking chicken broth and then wash that down with hot lemon aid. It's a weird combo but I sure love em :)

Aug 24, 2009 By iToby