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So last night my gospel choir sung at the Nursing Home in Herkimer NY. It was great to entertain the Elderly in song. I know we definality touched lot of there heart because some of them didnt have people to come and visit with them so i was glad to have HCCC gospel Choir last night It was such a blessing to see them worshiping us. Our president of Christian Fellowship and I read some Bible Verses and it was a joy to have other singer and a guitarist play also.

I read Psalms 100:1-6 I loved it because it deals with worshiping christ. I felt like i gave them so hope. Because with out hope how you can keep going on and on because i know with different things in my life with out my hope and faith i dont know where i would be. i just say stuff in life happens for a reason they might not be apparrent to you put God put them in your life for a reason just to make you strong.

To tie this into Foster Care. we might move 1-20 times in our life time but in foster care we dont have a choice where we go we usually just pack are bags and we are off so if you look at it. we dont know what we are getting into and the influences around it because you dont know anything but what your caseworker or a staff member tells you on the way there. sometime they work out an sometimes they dont but you have to go in there with the correct mind set and just get it done and try to adapt. Adapting to different familys can be hard due to sibling connection in not living near your siblings, different views and morals what you believe in, I know religon was a big one for me because i always grew up in a Church of God in Christ. And basically all the churches whereever i went was Methodist church. So I encourage you to have hope in what you do

Oct 2, 2009 By Isaiah