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Basically I know that this latest week living as an All Star has been a very big challenge. Everyone faces struggles in their lives, it's bound to happen. Amongst all the work that we are doing here at FosterClub I still feel like I am struggling. (In my previous blog I stated that I was very emotionally confused towards my biological family, I still am) I miss my family. Overall I am so homesick. It's been seven years since I have spoken to my biological family. How is it possible to be homesick with no home to go to? Well other than that confusing part of my life, I am still learning a lot. I keep asking myself is that even possible? But it is. With nearly three weeks left of the internship, I still am learning a lot of great stuff. I know that I am not perfect and that I make mistakes. Lately I seem to keep making them? Do you think that because I am at an emotional part of my life that I tend to notice the mistakes I make? Well enough of the negative Nancy stuff I like to be as positive as possible.

So let me share some of the new things in my life. So I am now a vegetarian! I won't be eating any meat, say la vee to bacon, ham, turkey, steak, and all the other meats out there! Hello Salad. I understand that there are vegetarians out there that do not eat eggs and fish, I on the other hang do need some form of protein so I will be eating fish and eggs. (To the minimum) But anyways, I have now over 1,000 songs on my computer. I got to drive the other day :) (I love to drive, it helps me vent) I am making very awesome connections networking. and lastly but not least, I am making really awesome connections to the All Stars. I know that we don't get along at some times, but every family has their ups and downs. Overall I know that there is only 3 weeks left of the internship. I have made connections and am very bitter sweet about this whole experience. I can not wait to go back to school, I miss my community.

That's all for today.

"It's not where you've been, it's where your going"


Question of the day: What is your most recent music artist inspiration?

Well I would say that recently my artist would be Avrubl'ey mrazirus lol

Well let me explain... Avrubl'ey is Avril Lavigne. and Michael Buble' Mrazirus is Jason Mraz and Miley Cirus

I have been listening to a combination of these four artists in the past few weeks.

They sure speak my emotions! cheau'

Jul 28, 2009 By iToby