Mental health

Having Patience for Patience

In one week, I can achieve almost nothing. However, in a week you can begin to achieve almost ANYTHING. It takes a lot more than just a week to truly achieve anything you want to. That is something I have struggled with for some time. When presented with opportunities or challenges, as part of the Millennial Generation, I hope to accomplish it just as soon as I was given it. This had especially begun to be an issue with me when I started college. I used to freak out about all the assignments and tests I had for classes, as well as all the extracurricular activities I had, and going to work. I swear most of my time was wasted worrying about all these different things, and then I waited until the last minute to finish everything which left me not fully committed to any of them. Colleges and just people usually give you a lot longer than a week to complete things because they UNDERSTAND. People do not want to see you fail, trust me. Have you ever watched a terrible presentation, and all you have wanted to do was go up there and save them? People want to watch you succeed, therefore, most times they will give you WAY longer than a week to complete things. Do not try to rush anything, be thankful for the time given and do the best you can. Another thing I think of strongly is losing weight. Often times we will try that new crazy diet because you lose so much weight so fast! But you can never keep it off. Because just like anything else weight loss takes time, and it is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change, which takes a lot longer than a week. Trust me. Since coming to Foster Club, I finally find myself taking my own advice.I have learned before anything it is essential to first just breathe (shout out to Brinn from yoga for the amazing breathing techniques). We are not chicken little, and the world will not end if you do not finish something as soon as you've started it. Greatness takes time, it cannot be achieved in a week. But as I write this, I realize how hard it is. As a foster youth, we do not always have the best role models or any guidance. I found myself placing these harsh restrictions and expectations for myself. I was also my own harshest critic. Nothing was good enough. It is poison to think like that. Be sure to always pat yourself on the back, even when you feel like you may not deserve it or others might not. You should always be proud of yourself when you try your best. So, this week? I can BEGIN to achieve forgiveness. But that is another blog for another time. Thanks for tuning in!