"With great power comes great responsibility"

Hey FosterClub friends,
I just thought I'd check in. The all-stars have the day off today after participating in a fun sand-castle building competition yesterday. After we got home from playing in the sand and surf, we were all so pooped the whole house crashed. All-stars were sprawled out randomly all over the house sleeping on couches, chairs, beds, and the floor.
We've had such an amazing week, loving learning and living together. It's not always easy, but I know how precious this experience is. The internship is a lot more than just sand castle building. It can be emotionally exhausting sometimes to process all that we are learning. A lot of the topics we deal with are touchy, and I know I am still not 100% comfortable delving into some of my own issues. I definitely don't want to be a hypocrite though and ask you to deal with things I haven't dealt with myself. The fosterclub staff has been so great about not pressuring us to share anything we're not comfortable with, and hopefully we will be able to give you guys that same comfort and support. I just wanted to let you guys know I am not taking this opportunity lightly, and I'm really trying to absorb all I can. I can't help but think of that part in spiderman where he says "With great power comes great responsibility." I love this experience, and hopefully that passion will come through when I'm working with all of you.
Until next time,