Last Thursday, I gave a presentation at my college for American Minorities.I was very cool to share my story and experience as a foster kid. During my presetation i talked about how kids are adopted, how many foster kids are in the United States of America, the gay and lesiban community, what is it like to be in foster care, what were some of the problems i faced in high school, and so much more. I kinda got overwhelmed with all the questions but i did my best to get a good presentation grade for my class. You know sometimes your put in a spot to help other people and kinda change their perception of foster kids and youth. Becuase some people thing like foster youth are very bad. but i kinda got them thinking because of how i turned out to be like many other famous people that was in foster care like Charrotte Ayanna, Darren Culpepper, and Antowne Fisher. I was also like doing the getting solid presentation in a ways becausem i metioned the Adoptions and Safe Family Act of 1997 and what it mean. And kinda asked what does permanency mean to them. I was great and they appalused for me turning out so successful with all the stuff I been through but i still made it.