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A little reminder to everyone about what it means to be a professional or caregiver in the foster care system; these definitions contain words that show the true nature of what our job entails: Providing positive support to foster youth, and keeping in mind their best interests. The road to helping a child can be a rough trek, but by showing that you care, and by truly fostering their relationships in order to connect them with permanence you can start to smooth out the path and eventually get a youth to the smooth highway towards success.

As the month of May comes to a close we here at FosterClub would like to give a salute to all of the people who have made a difference during this National Foster Care Month and those who make a difference all year round. Making a difference in the life of even one of the half a million foster youth in this country embodies the definition of caring. Another salute goes to all the professionals out there who never forget the heart and determination it sometimes takes to ensure the definition for foster actually happens, and then builds to a sense of permanence. Permanency is a tough concept, and the youth definition contrasts greatly from the government definition. A book called Getting Solid is a great resource for learning about both sides of the coin, and can be found in the FosterClub Store.

May 20, 2009 By sgranados