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My First PostIt’s been 3 weeks into the All-Star experience and it has been passing by really quick! The experience has been challenging and intense for me personally. I am an observant introvert. I am not the best at public speaking but trying to push myself as best as I can. I have been enjoying interacting with the other interns and bonding with them. It’s been interesting to hear about their experiences in care. This internship has given me the opportunity to learn about foster care in other parts of the country to find that each state works differently.  I have also learned about other opportunities presented to foster youth as alumni and still in care.    

This internship has been what I thought it could be and more. I came to the internship with an open mind and have not been disappointed. I have learned to be more flexible and run with the punches just as in life where you do not always know what your day/week will contain. The best part of the internship is being able to relate with the the youth and interacting with them. They have so much energy and drive to do well for themselves, that it is inspiring. The hardest part so far is being able to break out of my shell. I know that takes time and effort. This is an ongoing thing and do not expect things to change overnight. The opportunities have been great so far! I have attended the Dream Conference at Western Oregon University this week. The Youth in Oregon have so much opportunity in pursuing higher education, that it makes me excited for them as they start this journey.     

All I can say is that this internship has been helpful as I go through my journey of figuring out where my passions are and where I want to be in life. I could not ask for anything more and I am thankful for the opportunity FosterClub has given me to be here.

Jul 30, 2016 By lilrocker392