The Enchanted State!!!

Hey everyone,
I got the opportunity to go to Taos New Mexico. This experience was so unforgettable. I met amazing youth that were so willing to help with anything and excited to make a change/movement. It amazes me how many people are caring and smart and fun to be around. Its hard for me not to get alone with people. Ohh the sight of desert and mountains was breath taking. Mike and I drove two hours to get to Taos and I can honestly say that was one of the most amazing drives I have gone on. I felt like I was in a painting. The colors were indescribable. I cant believe how well I was able to describe Foster Club when explaining what Foster Club is and what the All-Star program is and all the publications. I was so surprised that no one knew about Foster Club it felt like I was really on an elevator telling people about this awesome organization that has youth voice and is trying to fix the system.
I could not believe how much trouble they gave us when we tried to get our car retail. It took 3 hours to figure it out I almost felt like the airport was my home. It was like my second time at the airport to get on a plane and I ended up getting that card they give you when your going threw security and my bags got searched and I felt like they thought I was a terrorist lol. Then when I went outside for some fresh air I forgot my ID and they had to finger print me and use that metal detector on me then they asked a million questions about me just to make sure I was really Stacie Carter. You would think that I would know if I was myself or not. Then we had plane delays and all kinds of stuff but we got threw it. Ohh when we were driving Mike thought the gorge was the grand cannon I laughed because I have been to the Grand cannon and knew it was in Arizona. I will forever remember this experience. I am glad I got this opportunity.