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June 14, 2009

Over the past year I have had many transformations happen to me. I had a foundation of sand & the storm of my life came to weather its destruction practically over night First came the overcast & absence of sunshine, I could tell that change was coming my way. The powerful rainstorm covered me by His grace. He laid His convictions upon my heart with thunderous fury, and yet He showed me His love. In every dark cloud His hope is found in the silver lining.

From that mount, He showed me the valley; where I met the Sand Storm of Fear. I walked in faith & it lead me to 40 (a 40 day marathon of 24/7 praying by my youth group), all a while He was my shepherd He prepared my blessings before I asked, so He could deliver them when I was most vulnerable.

I proceeded to pursue God & His will; I met them both at the furnace. I needed to be refined in the Maker’s eye until He could see His reflection in my heart. During which I lamented the earlier rainstorm when I found myself a scared small child stuck in The Undertow of Sin. I learned the past was to be left alone & tomorrow would worry about itself. My heart is at peace knowing I was thrown into the furnace only to be saved. I was lead from the furnace in the valley to the pasture on the Mountain Top. I was provided for & blessed. I was baptized in His name & struggled to be less like JJ & more Christ like.

The storms have since passed & I moved from my home, currently residing on my new foundation. I live in a house on a hill; underneath lies my rock. The weather is quite regular. I washed up on shore because He saved me from the great below. Everyday is a blessing & it just feels good to be alive. I transformed from drowning in my sorrow, bottling my emotions in Jack’s empties; to being able to walk the shore line following His footsteps. Today He told me my emotions were grains of sand, endlessly falling into a bottomless hourglass. Now I play with the sand on the beach & each night I reach for the moon & stars.

Jun 15, 2009 By JJ