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Yesterday, we arrived in the land of the large, Texas. I say large, because the size of our hotel is unfathomable for a mere hotel. We are here to take part in the 24th annual Daniel's Memorial Conference that is focusing on foster youth transitioning out of care.

Andy and I did two workshops here so far: Brand Me and Get a (Financial) Life. Michele and Tracye did Getting Solid and the group helped facilitate a group discussion of From Place to Place.

While I was working the booth this morning I met this young lady who spent time in care in Puerto Rico. She was comparing legislation in Puerto Rico compared to laws in the states regarding foster care and foster care issues. Speaking and listening to her made me realize just how far advocacy for youth and by youth in care has helped reform the system for the better. However, it is striking how far behind legislation in Puerto Rico is, because it is a territory of the U.S. and the welfare of the children there is just as much the responsibility of the government as those in the States.

Does there need to be a noted addendum at the end of each foster care bill to include Puerto Rico? Perhaps I should research this further, because there is always power in numbers and Puerto Rican children don't have much access to the U.S. government, so how does there advocacy have to be different than a youth's efforts in California?

Aug 31, 2011 By CrysRose