Communication and How It Affects Foster Youth

When Foster Youth are in care sometimes they dont have the information that they can have involvement in their cases. Like for an example, since I've been in care i have had that communication with my caseworkers, my family care specialist, and my law guardian. I feel like i have communicated and shared what i wanted to happen in my case and they all were okay with it.

I think when youth say something if it suits them they should get what they would like to receive. I believe if you ask for something reasonable you should get it. But you have to remember what tone you ask for things if you come with an attitude they are not going to listen to you but if you come to one of them with the respect and say what is on your mind with a good tone of voice they are going to hear you out on what you have to say and try to help solve your problem

so now the question is how do you do this? You would go up to your caseworker in a calm and polite manner and say this is what is bother so how can i fix it or solve this problem i am having. Remember not to do it with an attitude or they probably wont really listen to you. Because really they only have to provide you with a safe place for you to be in and most case worker will go far and beyond to make sure everything you say they will take into consideration if it is reasonable and they can do it.

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