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I just wanted to say this while I have the opportunity and time. I just wanted to thank every single one of you for allowing me get to know you. Personally, This internship was everything I wanted and more. To the All-Stars: you guys are all amazing and I learned a lot from everyone. From fraternities & sororities, Universities, advisory boards, culture, career goals, I have gained so much inspiration. You guys represent your states so well. We made it to the end through all trials & triumphs. You guys showed me the true meaning of commitment, dedication, standing up for what you believe in, and "work hard, play hard." It was an honor to work with you all. You guys are so strong in personality & knowledge.

I had so much fun laughing, dancing, surfing, advocating, facilitating, hiking, eating, camping, rapping, and a million other verbs. To the staff, I can write a 6-page paper. You guys have been amazing with training and guiding us. 

Thank you for beieving in us and allowing us to represent such a great organization.

I thoroughly, enjoyed doing every event, conference & workshop .Thank you for being so patient & giving us time to grow. You guys made sure that we had everything we needed. Because of you guys, I have achieved everything I needed. Because of you guys I have so much to take back home. 

I also wanted to thank you for giving me the hardest project: updating my resume.

Thank you L2'S for guiding us and helping get wherever we needed to go. All three of you are the bomb. 

Timothy Bell: the first time we met was at the Congressional Shadow Youth Day. 

You guys have great hearts & spirits for us. As I continue on my journey, i want you guys to know that you seriously have a special place in my heart & memories.


Derrick Kris Prince Bridges


Jul 11, 2014 By dbridges12