Cheers to a New Year!

I think one of life’s greatest questions could where does time go?

In case you missed the memo—It’s 2011 already. I guess this means I survived the holidays with my family? Wow, that is usually a difficult one but to my surprise this year went quite smoothly. I traveled to my hometown a bit earlier than usual this year. Please note: I grew up in an extremely small town—no Wal-mart, fast food, or stoplights for that matter. For some of you reading this that might be a little bit scary but I promise it’s not that bad. The key is small time increments. =)

It has been several years since I have spent quality there. Nevertheless, this year I planned to change that and took time to go “home” and see old friends, participate in community events, and feel a sense of familiarity. This trip showed me how much I have grown and changed in the past few years. I’m quickly learned that I am by no means the same girl I was when I left. I’ve gained education, culture, and life experiences that have helped shaped who I am now. It was great to go back because it provided me with a mental check of where I am now. All I can say is wow! I’ll forever be grateful for my small town routes but am beyond excited for where life is and will be leading me in the future.

As the holiday season ends I am left with nothing but the best of memories. But these first few days of 2011 have been a time of reflection to me. For those of you who follow my blog you know it was a life-changing year for me. Almost a year ago to date I was a filing out my FosterClub All-Star application. In hindsight, that is crazy to think about considering how impactful the All-Star experience was on my year—Wow! Being an All-Star opened my eyes to family, friends, change, courage, self-confidence, and I’m going to stop there because I could go on all day! As I have been reflecting I’ve also been pondering on the year to come. With this pondering comes the reality that 2011 is going to be unlike any other year for me.

Since I was four years old, each year has always had one consistent element—school. Well, in May that element will disappear out of my life and will be filled with a giant question mark. However, that was my thought until yesterday. Typically, the beginning of a new year is a time I spend filling out scholarships, FAFSA, and looking for summer internships. Since school is out of the picture this year so were those activities. But a new activity was in store—job searching. For the past four years, I have been a bit obsessed with networking and making meaningful relationships with people because I knew that one day I would be in the position in which I would be looking for a “big girl” job. There is no denying that day is here.

There’s no time like the present to dust off those contacts and start the quest to eliminate that question mark I mentioned. To my surprise, I got a job offer much quicker than I expected! I haven’t stopped smiling since. I don’t feel like there is a much better way to start a job search that with and offer and an offer in Washington DC which is only the exact city I want to move to! I began 2011, freaking out a bit about what is going to come. But now only four days into the year the anxiety is gone and I am faithful that this is going to be one of the best years of my life. Things are looking up and the best is yet to come!

Wishing you all the best <3 <3

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