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Hello everyone! wow i cant believe that this is it. It is the end of the summer and time to go home. Where do i start? I want to start by thanking everyone. Thank you celeste, gina, nicole, steve, tim, bear, aron. You guys have truly made this a summer that has not only bettered me as young leader, but as a person. It is weird, I came here to teach youth, but in many ways i was the student. One of my favorite things about fosterclub is the love that everyone gives. I mean even the allstars from former years were hitting me up on facebook, and calling me their brother, that means a lot and I cant thank you guys enough. I just hope that i stay in contact with everyone and that i can pass on to someone what you guys have passed on to me. Thank you!! Now, the 2008 allstars! GREAT 08!! i love everyone of you, and I feel so privileged to be able to share this experience with you guys. You all have taught me what life is about and how to be the best person that I can possibly be. All of the conferences that we went to together and all the times that we have shared, was great! So Sade, Cash, Miquel, Katie, Chris, Brandon, Wendy, Nikki, Naomi and Julia, I love you all and you will always be apart of my family, Thanks for what you have done for me, know that this isn't bye, but see you later! I LOVE YOU ALL

Aug 11, 2008 By Mike