Blog #3

Some of the resources in Texas may include things like a tuition waiver. A tuition waiver takes care of the payments for classes. The tuition waiver is beneficial in all Texas state funded colleges or universities. If it is a private school such as Baylor or Rice, because it is a private school, I would not be receiving the financial assistance from the state. Second would be ETV or educational training voucher. The ETV is one of the last things you have to do, reason being is because you have to have all your classes paid for with a receipt. ETV will pay for things like books, pens and pencils, scan-trons. ETV can even pay for certain other things. For instance a laptop, or clothes. Lastly, the PAL program is the most important. PAL stands for Preparation for Adult Living. My PAL worker is amazing. Even throughout all the problems, my PAL worker has always rolled with the punches. No matter what I tell her, she always finds the best way to deal with it in a timely manner. A PAL worker deals with everything related to school or housing Basically any well being problem I come across. She gives me an updated Tuition Waiver every year, and relentlessly works with my university. Seriously though, without my PAL worker I wouldn't even have a chance. I've been gradually learning more and more about the resources that are available across the USA and most importantly the resources available in Texas at my University. I'm happy to say that after I graduated high school, I was a free man. College is a wonderful place with amazing people there to support you and your goals. Have fun.