Be You!!!!

I have a great honor to attend a couple of conferences with FosterClub since the summer has ended. I am really at a lost for words as I try to express what I am feeling right now. Its like you could never imagine that you could reach such a place of within yourself.

Being able to talk to young people is something I enjoy, but what I enjoy more is being able to have a role in creating the change they need to be successful. All to often, young people are forgotten or neglected, not always in a physical sense, but even when it comes to someone valuing their opinion, or embracing their uniqueness.

As young people in foster care we had, or will have to face this challenge, "Not being ignored, disregarded, or exploited," among other challenges. Ghandi says, Be the change you want to see in the world. Well, how do you do that?

Take ownership of your life, the possibilities are endless. Let nothing be an excuse for you. Life is hard, and well being able to beat the odds will allow you to grow and develop as a great leader one day. Make a plan. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Write it out put it in your mirror. Say it before you go to bed at night. Let your dreams become more than a dream to you. Let them become your reality. Live each day to learn, something new. So that you can add to yourself all those things you wish to be. Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves, and inquire about those that you wish to exist, and create what does not exist.
Be innovative.....Be YOU!!!