Back to school

Hey everyone, We for an update.

I have started my fall semester at herkimer county community college. this year i have great classes to take and some i learn alot more than i previously knew before. I made a huge step in my life to become a United States Army Solider in the national guard just this past saturday.

I thought it through and i believe that i can do it. Usually if you put your mind in what your doing and how are you going to reach those goals then i think you will be all set but you also have to have faith in yourself that can do it.

So think of what you want to do and push on but remember like the little engine that could " I think I Can I think i can" if you remember that when your in a bad spot in your life it would get you throught that storm because it is only a short time in your life that you would be going through that problem(s).

Remember we are overcomers as foster youth growing up in the system but you have to apply yourself in anythinbg you do because of that fact that you have another sterotype on yourself. I can honestly say that I overcame those obstacles and tests in my life because i had to rely on my Heavenly father.

Without that faith in my life i dont know where i would be right now if i didnt do that. Well gotta run until next time I miss my Shine 09 All Stars, FosterClub Staff, and the good Level 2's. Your NYS FC intern Isaiah

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