Away From the All-star Family

I numbingly miss the All-Stars- it seems as though being in Miami and dealing with everything : school, bio-family, and myself has become more forefront and the experience and even some people have been numbed - Anyway, the summer went by so fast-its insane-- and to think about how each day of the month i was absorbed into my life in Seaside and relationships with the other All-Stars is a testament to my and human beings ability to live in the moment, the ability to adapt to a situation and the need for escape,to leave behind the same old Miami routine of school, friends, work and even area..

Today i went over some of the going -away blogs and i jumped cuz i have to incorporate mine-- but i feel this numbing longing to once again be in Seaside with everybody-- i know that another opportunity will come along-- even though my life is in the forefront the All-Stars and staff are in the back nestled and waiting to be reunited