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Wow where can I start? So just this past week Tasha and I (And A couple of the staff here at Fosterclub) Went to the Arkansas teen conference. It was amazing. I don't even know where to begin. After a lovely plain ride there (In this situation when I say lovely, we had a plain delay, so therefore we showed up late...) We arrived in Little Rock AR. I was immediately welcomed with open arms by the YABBERS (Youth Advisory Board Members) The YABBERS were in charge of the conference. It was pretty cool to see the conference being led by youth. We immedietely jumped in and discussed the conference outline and what was to happen the next day. The next day went really well! This was probably one of the top favorite conferences that I have been to. The youth there were so great! Tasha and I had to present Foster to Famous four times back to back! It was pretty cool! We now REALLY do know it well. It is probably my favorite workshop to present. I have quickly learned that Tasha and I present well together. At the end of the first night we had a talent show, and a newspaper fashion show. It was a blast! I can't say that this conference was not fun at all. Because for the most part it was! We not only did workshops, but we were able to do a low ropes course and an Ice cream social. The low ropes course was a series of team building excercises that we all participated in. It was a ton of fun. The ice cream social was pretty fun too! We also did a fun activity where we had to guess what character we were assigned. (On the backs of our backs...(haha) we had stickers with different characters.We had to run around and ask questions on who we were. I was Bradd Pitt and I had to find 'Angela Jolie'. There was Shrek and Donkey, etc. It was really funny. Even though this conference was only a couple of days I know that it was a blast. I connected with the youth there. I was told by a lot of the youth that they were going to apply to become FosterClub All-Stars. Which immedietely put a smile on my face.

Arkansas was a ton of fun, but we did have to go home in the end. We couldn't stay forever, even though it was really nice. I didn't want to leave but just as it felt like it started, we had to hop on a plain and come back to seaside. This conference really inspired me and made me feel really happy. Everyone was awesome there. A little shout out to my tribe! Blue! The Rebels! (Rebs for short) Well that is it for now! Other than that I only have a few days left here in seaside. I will be blog about that in the near future. until then: "It's not where you've been, it's where your going" -Toby Question of the day? Have you ever stayed up all night long and just talked with someone? Getting to know someone is so much fun and you sure learn a lot about people! stay tuned!


Aug 17, 2009 By iToby