The "Aha!" Moment

Have you ever had an "aha" moment? It seems that mine have been happening more frequently. Many people go through life and are told that you should do this, don't do that, and hangout with this person, not that one. Most of us just write it off as someone being old fashioned, or out of touch with us. However, I have started to realize with the help of some very important people in my life, those suggestions are for a reason.

This "aha" moment has made me start to look more closely at my life: past, present, and future. I know that I cannot change the past, just learn from it. I know that I cannot undo the wrong or make the unjust fair. What can I do? I can apologize and forgive and let go of the past. Not forgetting as it has taught me so much. I can use the moment to start a change in myself and my life. I can plan for the future in three ways: plan for the best, plan for the worst and make a plan somewhere in the middle that I am comfortable with, suggesting not to be to comfortable because chances are it will change and comfort is not always the best idea. Sometimes, one should go outside their comfort zone and no be afraid to have an adventure.

Aha moments appear in these adventures and at the least expecting times in our lives. They cannot be planned. They cannot be stopped. I do find it interesting how strangers are the ones that cause most of my aha moments. They dont do it alone. I have to give credit to those really close to me, those who try to help me out of love, and of course myself. Heck I think everyone should thank themselves once in a while. No one should be more proud of you than you!

How many aha moments have you had recently? Maybe your moments have come and gone without you realizing the full extent of the aha. I still find myself learning from experiences that happened in 2010 as an All-Star. The thing that is shocking is that FosterClub does not tell you when your an All-Star your learning and developing a young adults life does not stop when your internship is done. That is just the beginning! Your development that is not advertised when you apply for an all-star nor does someone tell you but it happens. It continues to happen and will continue to create aha moments even three years later.

I am thinking maybe the staff of fosterclub might know more then they let on. I am amazed at the humility that they all posses and how without knowing they continue to effect the lives of so many people. So for this Aha Moment I want to thank: the youth I have worked with, the staff at FosterClub, my family and ME!