Agencies and Courts (Washington DC Trip)

WOW! what can i say this trip was one heck of a trip! one of the most rememoriable ones.

Washington D.C.,- The YD staff and the two interns participated and presented at the Agencies and Courts Meeting held in DC August 3-5th. YD had a booth and passed out great information and the interns made the conference as much fun as they would at a youth conference for the participations in attendance. Daryle (bear) and Chris were youth interns, the first for the Agencies and Courts meeting. They presented a ‘special session” for the participants attending the conference. They also co-presented with Lacy and Eprise in Promoting Well Being through the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD)
Bear and Chris were given the opportunity to tell their stories and present some recommendations to the few but important guests that sat in. This was the opportunity to tell people their experience and suggest what differences it would make if funding or more funding was available for various projects and programs that should be or being offered. Some guests that were in attendance were Miguel, Lilanna, Gail, and Catherine, all for the Children’s Bureau. The dialogue was very effective according to the interns; they felt that the importance of Children’s Bureau participating in the conversation can be instrumental in the future to have young leaders in attendance at conferences, such as Agencies and Courts. “Nothing about us, without us”, is the motto that Bear has carried with him all summer.
If you would like to know how to improve the system and what’s working, get the youth engaged and involved, we know the system and we have lived it”. Stated Bear.
Finally, the interns along with Eprise and Lacy had the opportunity to present the NYTD material that the interns have been working on while their duration at NRCY. The workshop proved to be very helpful for the agencies and judges that attended. “Many of the participants knew what NYTD was and by the end, I’m hopeful they can at least connect our workshop with NYTD”. Says Bear. The workshop went over the Well being of NYTD and how courts and agencies can become involved with NYTD and help the transition more comfortable for the youth for the anticipation for the NYTD survey in 2010. Bear and Chris presented the NYTD 101 Power point and Youth engagement, the importance of involving youth in many activities and resources that involve youth. Dottie, Peter, and Catherine were also workshop attendees, and provided accurate resources to the participants during the open forum part of the workshop.
Both interns believed that have learned and networked many opportunities at Agencies and Courts. Bear and Chris also attended other workshop presentations, and at times were the youth voice and suggested and asked questions on how “youth” can become more involved and participate. They would like to thank NRCYS for everything and the opportunities that have encounter as being interns for YD. “This experience has been a vastly profound has demonstrated to me the amount of sheer dedication and hard-work that occurs behind the scenes in the child welfare industry. I am happy to have been allotted the opportunity to assist NRC with their phenomenal work and hope that my contributions have been helpful. Thank you NRC!” –Christopher Andrade.

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