Sibling separation

Adoption Scares Me

in my marriage and family class i talked about adoption. I thought it was very hard for me because when that word comes up flags and barriers comes up. I know as a fosterclub all star doing the getting solid material/presentation it is like adding on to your family but in a way it kinda feels like that bond is gone when someone gets adopted by another family while our silbing arent getting adopted.

A couple week ago my lil brother came out and told me that he was getting adopted by his foster mom. My jaw dropped. I was speechless. I didnt know what to say because I was like you never wanted to get adopted before but now you are. but i am happy for him because i know he does need a family that would be their for him all the time and since i am not their with him anymore i think it was a good idea to have his foster mom adopted him but i still want to know that he is safe and that i will always still be his brother no matter wat that comes in our way.

So the word of Adoption scares me because i dont know if i can go through the system twice like I have before because of the fact being turned away from your family twice in life will have a very depression state to you when talking about it and stuff like that. And i am learning it from my experience but you might not think that at all. But that is my option in the matter of adoption