About Decisions

To foster kids ---

When you have experienced a whole bunch of let downs, coupled with abuse and neglect and occasional therapy sessions about how to forget about the past and live in the present and about how what happened to you wasn't your fault and how it really was out of your hands and then when you finally accept it, it seems as though its resolved-- and then it pops up again throughout your days, it pops up in your interactions and relationships and deep down inside there lies a little feeling -- wanting you yourself to be different and unattached, in control. At one point wanting your circumstances to have been a little different - but then accepting it - your life and all its events along with your decisions.

This blog is about decisions-- Yes we have all done things that we regret- whether it be to put a friendship at risk, your emotions at risk, your inner knowledge aside -- yes we have had times when you don't want to listen to yourself or others, where we do things for ourselves without thinking about the future or what's at stake and then you learn the hard way. and you make a decision --- sometimes they are bad and feelings follow us throughout our days, swimming around in thoughts, jumping out in dreams. Or they just linger and wrap themselves around your mind - suffocating you-- hence the power of emotion-- more the deadliness if it is negative

But mistakes are human, behavior can be controlled and decisions must be made -- so when its time to make those-- make sure they are constructive, make sure they are what you want , make sure they don't contradict your stomach, your being, your knowing your character --- but always know that you can be in control and don't settle for less - handle things your way -- make sure the damage you will inflict is minimized - because human beings have feelings too and only if they need to be attacked in a form of defense are you to do what you have to do - always for you - but controlled and within safe limits

Sometimes we make mistakes and they are irreparable -- big ones have their times -- when that time comes -- you think and don't go by impulse -- listen to the beat of your conscious. And craft your actions and your self the way you want to do it -- not the way that you could - because my friends --could always exists but should you?????

Don't create new regrets - especially those which will jeopardize your future