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The proposed legislation aims at improving permanency for young people. This includes  - whenever possible - helping families stay together so that children don’t have to experience the heartache of entering foster care. For those young people who DO need foster care services, the legislation would ensure children are not placed in congregate care and group homes (institutions who have staff instead of parents) for long periods of time, unless there is proof that the child needs special services (like medical attention or extra mental health support).  The Family First Act is proposed federal legislation that would significantly change the foster care system.

The United States Senate is considering introducing this legislation, but they need your help... they want to hear directly from young people who have experienced foster care. 

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Sign on to the Letter of Support below and help drastically change the child welfare system for the better!

The more foster youth and former foster youth to sign the Letter of Support, the more influence we will have.

Help spread the word! 

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The Family First Prevention Services Act also seeks to curtail the use of congregating or group care for children and instead places a new emphasis on family foster homes. With limited exceptions, the federal government will not reimburse states for children placed in group care settings for more than two weeks. and the IP address is an important aspect of networking and it is like a unique name or identity of a device that forms a part of the network.