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February 22, 2018
Washington, D.C.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) helped 20 million Americans secure access to quality health care. Among that 20 million, are some of the nations most vulnerable to inadequate health care, former foster youth. In addition to allowing young adults remain on their parents insurance until age 26, the ACA allows for former foster youth to remain eligible for medicaid until 26 as well without regard to income. This was just once of many necessary steps to ensure young people are well supported during their transition to adulthood.  

Unfortunately, many young people have expressed concern that their ability to maintain enrollment in medicaid until age 26 is challenged when they move to a state that doesn't offer coverage to all foster youth regardless of the state in which they were in care. 

FosterClub is pleased the Congress is committed to working on a fix to an issue that so many young people forced to navigate. Last week, Rep. Karen Bass (CA) introduced the Health Insurance for Former Foster Youth Act. This legislation was designed to to ensure former foster youth can keep health insurance in any state they live until age 26. 

The Health Insurance for Former Foster Youth Act is critical to insure the rights of foster youth to maintain health insurance through medicaid as the Affordable Care Act intended. This would further guarantee uninterrupted access to health care that many of their peers who did not experience care will never have to imagine.

FosterClub looks forward to foster youth gaining to the ability to move freely throughout the country without having to worry about whether they will be able to maintain access to health care. 



District of Columbia
Feb 21, 2018 By akin.abioye


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