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Council Members share Immigration Priority with Federal Leaders


This week, the National Foster Care Youth & Alumni Policy Council engaged with newly confirmed Administration of Children, Youth & Families Commissioner Rebecca Jones Gaston and Children’s Bureau Associate Commissioner Aysha Schomburg and members of their team. 


Council Members shared their newly published priority: Supporting Immigrant Children & Youth in Foster Care.


Members were able to share reflections, personal experiences, and elevate solutions that will support immigrant children and youth in foster care.

Franz Utomo, a member with personal experience with both immigration and foster care, started the conversation saying: “Immigrant youth in child welfare have been overlooked, especially at the federal level. We exist, but don’t often get talked about. As an immigrant youth myself in foster care, so glad we are finally bringing attention to this and educating people.”

Commissioner Jones Gaston, Associate Commissioner Schomburg and team members expressed their deep appreciation for the Council Members willingness to address this topic, elevate to federal leaders, and expand public and child welfare field awareness on the unique challenges immigrant children and youth face in foster care. 


ICYMI: Read more about the Council’s priority here

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