Call Your Senator Today About the Children's Budget Act

Please help get cosponsors for the "Children's Budget Act"... call your Senator today!

The Children's Budget Act will let America know what is being spent on young people in our country. Over the last 5 years the amount money spent on youth has decreased. The new Obama budget actually increases, for the first time in many years, the amount of $ being spent. This is good news - and the Childrens Budget Act will ensure America always knows how much of the Federal budget is reserved to help kids (including young people from foster care)!

Take 2 minutes to make a difference:

1. Find your state Senator  

2. Call your Senator and say: "Hello, my name is ____________. I would like you to cosponsor the Children's Budget Act. This is important to me as a former foster care youth from the state of ________." (Be prepared to probably end up talking to a Senator's aid.)

Now is the time to act on this. So make sure you've made your call by the end of February 2010.