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ATTENTION CURRENT AND FORMER FOSTER YOUTH! We are approaching a Federal deadline of June 18th to submit comments to the Feds regarding what data should be collected in foster care. Learn about the national data collection system, The Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS), and what we can do as advocates to help improve it! 

  • Learn what AFCARS is and its impact on the child welfare system
  • Understand the Children's Bureau's recommendation to change AFCARS
  • What we can do as advocates to improve the data collection system

Submit your comments by June 18th!



Jun 10, 2019 By emilyfish


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EricaDelgado said:

Great initiative! Are there planned such webinars in the future?
I mean, webinars about data protection and safety on the web? These topics are always actual.

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Dromaine34 said:

I am always willing to obtain information that will enhance my job performance.

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Dromaine34 said:

Looking forward to the webnair