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Have a little extra room on your holiday shopping list? Consider filling a need at FosterClub with one of these items!

  1. Gift cards for youth (we can use as many as we get - $25 denominations are best)!  WalmartTarget, Costco, Amazon
  2. Twin bed frame
  3. Luggage and Backpacks (newer, in good shape, all sizes- carry on and checked)
  4. Sleeping Bags 
  5. Laptop (prefer Macintosh products for our office - for intern use while at FosterClub)
  6. Chromebook (for intern use while at FosterClub)
  7. Rubber sports spots (for games to introduce youth to FosterClub and resources available to them)
  8. Vacuum cleaner (for intern housing)

Items purchased for FosterClub will be recognized as a donation (you'll receive a receipt), provided you send us your contact information (send confirmation to [email protected]). Deliver items to: FosterClub, 620 S. Holiday Dr. #1, Seaside OR 97138

Of course - you can always provide a direct cash donation to support our work, too! Donate now >

Thanks for supporting foster youth!

Dec 21, 2018 By Celeste