More than 110 National and State Organizations, and 650 Individuals Ask Congress to #UpChafee and Help Older Youth from Foster Care


May 12, 2020: Organizing partners sent the #UpChafee Letter to Congress today, urging policymakers to support older youth from foster care during #COVID19.

Read the full LETTER TO CONGRESS here:

Here are the ASKS included in the letter:

  1.  Increase Chafee Funding by 500 Million.
  2. Extend the Age of Eligibility for Chafee Aftercare Services to Age 23 for All Youth.
  3. Suspend Participation Requirements for Young People in Extended Foster Care.
  4. Place a Moratorium on Discharges from the Foster Care System for Youth Ages 18-21.
  5. Allow States to Draw Down Title IV-E funds until a Young Person Reaches Age 22.

Read the full letter here.