FosterClub's 2010 All Star Application is Available

If you are a current or former foster youth that will be between the ages of 18-24 on June 10, 2010, be sure to Apply to this summer internship If you become a FosterClub All-Star, you will:
  • Help other youth in foster care.
  • Travel and experience different parts of the country.
  • Earn approx $3600 over the summer.
  • Develop fantastic leadership, advocacy and presentation skills.
COLORADO is sponsoring an All-Star seat! That means that a young person from your state is GUARANTEED a spot on the All-Star team! You’ve got great odds - apply today!

Who are the FosterClub All-Stars?

Twelve former or transitioning foster youth will be selected to serve a summer internship with FosterClub and assist in planning, facilitating and evaluating the Teen Conference U.S. Tour. Youth will be selected to represent a diversity in foster care experiences, education, current paths (college, employment, job corps, etc.), race & ethnicity and geographical location. Each will demonstrate leadership potential and ability to connect with peers.

How long does the internship last?

This is a one year internship from June 2010 until June 2011. Throughout the school year, you will be contacted to see if you are available for upcoming conferences and child welfare events. However, this internship involves staying primarily in Seaside Oregon from the first week in June until the third week in August, 2010. If you have any potential conflicts during that that time period, we ask that you include that information in your application.

Leadership & Development

Selected youth will attend an intensive leadership training session at the FosterClub headquarters in Seaside, Oregon (1.5 hours from Portland, on the Oregon Coast). They will receive training in public speaking, presentation, advocacy, and professional development to accommodate planning and facilitation of events. All travel and lodging expenses will be covered. Youth will also receive a small weekly allowance during the internship and a $2000 honorarium on completion of the internship, totaling approximately $3600.

How Will The All-Stars Participate at Conferences?

The All-Star youth will assist in facilitating conferences as Junior Staff. They will participate in registration, group activities, presentations, and will sit on the Youth Panels. All-Star youth will co-lead workshops and interact with conference attendees throughout the events. They will also assist in preparing the final Conference Evaluations. At all times, a FosterClub Adult Staff will supervise Junior Staff All-Stars.

All-Star Selection

FosterClub will make its selections by April 1st. Youth will be selected to represent diversity in foster care experiences, education, current paths (college, employment, job corps, etc.), race, ethnicity and geographical location. Young people who apply but are not selected should in no way view the fact that they weren’t selected as an indication of their abilities or personality. It simply means that other youth were selected to help us build a diverse team for the All-Star Program. Youth who are not selected are eligible to be selected as a FosterClub OUTSTANDING YOUNG LEADER.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a competitive application process and applying does not guarantee your selection to participate in the internship. If you have any questions, please contact Lupe at 503-717-1552. If you are still in care and your caseworker, foster parent or guardian have any questions, we encourage them to call also.