FosterClub at Shoulder to Shoulder


Ashlee Kauffunger, FosterClub's Oregon Outreach Coordinator and Ashley Foster-French, FosterClub's Training & Education Manager, along with Ellenor, attended the Shoulder to Shoulder in Portland, Oregon. FosterClub shared our publications, and educated Oregon's child welfare professionals about the resources for foster youth at

Schylar Baber, a FosterClub board member, prior Executive Director of Voices for Adoption in Washington, D.C., and member of multiple boards and project advocating for foster youth, was the keynote speaker. He spoke to over 800 professionals about The Power of Resilience, powerfully reminding us, "... that adversity is not destiny. Each of us have the power to help others overcome and become resilient and successful members of society." 

The Shoulder to Shoulder conference brings foster parents and child welfare professionals together for a "collaborative, professional training opportunity for those who impact the lives of foster and adopted children". 

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