FosterClub Hosts Celebration of Chafee's 10-year Anniversary

The 10 Year Chafee Event, held December 17th, in Washington DC was a huge success FosterClub would like to thank all of the organizations that partnered with FosterClub on this event:

Casey Family Programs

First Focus

Foster Care Alumni of America

Children's Defense Fund

This event celebrated the 10 Year Anniversary on Chafee Foster Care Independence Act of 1999, which, among other things, has helps thousands of young people in foster care attend college. Many individuals that were vital in the passing of this bill were in attendance. Topics included discussion about the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoption Act, the Senate Caucus on Foster Youth and the announcement of the results from the FosterClub's Young Peoples Poll. 

Watch all the presentations on FosterClub's Vimeo Site

This was a packed event, with an amazing lineup of speakers and attendess. Said one FosterClub All-Star in attendance

"It was interesting -- and nerve wracking -- to be a part of something so formal. It was the first time in my life that I was able to personally walk up to a state Senator and introduce myself and know that they were there for the same reason I was; to change the lives of the more than 500,000 youth in foster care. That's amazing!"

-- Tasha Santos, 2009 FosterClub All-Star photos from the event (courtesy of Greta Anderson) 

Lupe Tovar, Director of Events for FosterClub with Carmen Nazario, Assistant Secretary for Children and Families
Some young leaders from the foster care system at the event