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For the second year in a row, Converse has contributed All-Star sneakers for the FosterClub All-Stars. This year, Converse provided 20 young leaders from FosterClub with a gift card that allowed them to design their own All-Star shoes with custom colors, patterns, and embroidery that reads “FosterClub” through the Converse One website .The gift cards allowed FosterClub All-Stars to purchase several other items from Converse, also.

“Our young leaders were really excited about the gift from Converse,” said Celeste Bodner, Executive Director. “The FosterClub All-Stars were selected through a very competitive application process, and to be rewarded with a gift like this from Converse really helps make the honor of being selected special. And besides, the Converse All-Stars are just cool.”

Thank you, Converse.

Update on Converse Gift Donations -- 1/27/10

Converse has generously donated an additional 25 $75 gift cards to FosterClub. A portion of these gift cards will be given to young people that filled out the FosterClub, FosterClub Young Peoples Poll and whose names were selected in a prize drawing. The remaining gift cards will be used as prizes for young people in foster care in future events.

Thank you Converse!!!

Jan 2, 2010 By FC Steve


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these converse r so sexy i got a lot of them and I'm going to put in in my page

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rossy732 (not verified) said:

This is very cool! I really want a pair so everyone can ask me "how you get those?"

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YEAH BABY! I am going to take a picture of my converse and put it on my page.. when i get a camara!