35 Young Leaders head to Capitol Hill to Amplify their Voices

Who: Young Leaders from FosterClub for National Foster Care Coalition and Casey Family Programs

What: Advocacy training, Congressional Briefing and Hill Visits with Congressional Representatives

Where: Washington D.C.

FosterClub Young Leaders that Attended: 

Theresa Moy, FosterClub All-Star 2005 representing the state of New York

Deborah Hassan, FosterClub All-Star 2007 representing the state of Montanta.

Julia Villamizar, FosterClub All-Star 2008 representing the state of Florida.

Eric Lulow, FosterClub 2009 Outstanding Young Leader representing the state of Maryland.

Daniela Nichitea, FosterClub 2009 Outstanding Young Leader representing the state of Arizona.

From October 19th through the 21st, the National Foster Care Coalition (NFCC), in partnership with Casey Family Programs hosted an event in Washington DC for 35 young alumni of foster care ranging from ages 18-25 who were invited to participate in a day of advocacy training, a Congressional Briefing and ending with a day of Capitol Hill visits with their representatives.

This collaborative event gave an opportunity to organizations such as FosterClub, Foster Care Alumni of America (FCAA), and Orphan Foundation of America (OFA) were able to nominate young people from their organizations who demonstrate leadership and advocacy skills and who also represent specific Congressional Districts.

Participants advocated for reducing the numbers of children and youth in foster care through prevention of child abuse and neglect, early intervention, and, when children must enter foster care, to move them quickly and safely to reunification or permanent loving families.

Who better to advocate on behalf of these important topics than those who have experienced foster care from the inside? We’re proud of our young leaders for sharing triumphant stories from their time in foster care.

Quotes from Young Leaders who attended:

"I had such a wonderful experience, learned a lot and got to interact with some very important people." -Deborah "I loved it at the event cannot wait to go back." -Daniela

"I had such a great time it was an honor to attend." -Julia